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What the users expect WhatsApp to be?

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WhatsApp has greatly impacted globally. User-friendly and easily accessible, WhatsApp has facilitated and accelerated global communication. From simple voice call to sending a document, from personal to business, WhatsApp has become a daily use App for billions of people around the world.


With almost in daily use, the users wish to see something added or something new. 

Conus.UK has taken an initiative to help users of WhatsApp conceive and suggest what in their opinion should be added or what something new they wish to see in WhatsApp.


Users of WhatsApp are invited to participate in this quick opinion survey. The Survey is being independently conducted by Conus.UK


Based on the responses received, Conus.UK will compile a report on 'WhatsApp, Users Expectations' and release it online.


The opinion Survey is quick and can be completed in under 1-minute. 

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  1. This survey is independently conducted by Conus.UK

  2. No compensation is paid to the participants.

  3. Personal details of the participants are not used in the survey. 

  4. Report compiled based on this Survey will be released online.

  5. Report will be available for public use. 

  6. SurveyPlanet is used for this Survey.

  7. WhatsApp logo is the intellectual property of WhatsApp/Facebook


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