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Arguably the easiest work to do is to Invent and Innovate. So you can also do it. A solution to a problem that doesn't exist, is an Invention. Innovation is the alteration of an already existing solution.  Probably all these years, the terms of invention and innovation have put us off. Scared. Alien. No, it's not scary or alien, at all. It's so simple. We have made it simpler now.

You do not need to be educated, qualified or possess a high intellect to invent or innovate. You do not need to possess a certificate, a diploma, a degree or professional accreditation. It's not science, mathematics or arts. Young, a senior citizen, working from home or idle, all have equal opportunities. You are not to invest, purchase or subscribe to anything. Even you can start the wonder right from where suits you, from your home, school, college, university, or even on the street. Speaking a specific language or belonging to one country or the other counts to nothing. The only attribute that you need to possess is to think.  


We start to train you in how to conceive innovative ideas.

You start to conceive innovative ideas.

We convert your ideas into 3D digital product designs. 

We then 3D print.

We apply for Patent and Trademark.

We develop Business Plan, Financial Projections and Investor's Proposal. 

We start pitching the product to the panel of investors. 

We design a sale and compensation model.

We sell.

We pay you. 


Introduce yourself by filling the form below to help us suggest the route map for you to embark upon the process of invention and innovation. No registration fee.  

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OPiiC is a London based initiative by Pakistanis resident outside Pakistan. Ahmed Abdulazeem conceived the idea of building a culture of invention and innovation by simplifying the whole process. This simplification comes with an end to end service to the Inventor and innovators.   Our objective is to get ready inventors and innovators around the world. As many of them will be ready, those many innovative products and services will be conceived, developed and designed. And every new product will serve the purpose of somebody somewhere around the world.  May it be agriculture, environment or eco-system or space sciences, home appliances or teaching and learning, transport or logistics, medicines or care, robotics or novel digital currencies, every sphere will see innovative products.  Every invention and innovation is a service to humanity. Maybe some inventions and innovations would serve the people of today or support the survival of the masses tomorrow. Every invention and innovation is a lifeline for humanity.  OPiiC is on the ground to build a culture of invention and innovation to serve people of today and tomorrow. 


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