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Conus Consulting UK is a London based professional firm of Business and Management Consulting. Our objective is to conceive Business Ideas and coin resources to help clients launch Business in the United Kingdom and beyond. From simple online business ideas to more capital and intensive projects.. we suggest all.  Beyond ideas, Conus Consulting UK provides Business Plans, Feasibility Report and Financial Projections encompassing Market Research and Competitors Analysis. Once ready, we handle Business Registrations, Licences, Approvals and Authorisations to help clients commence business. Conus Consulting UK makes all efforts to act as a single source of all business resources. For each client, we aim to take them a step further and a step higher. 

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First the world became a global village, then it changed to national interests and now markets are going to work more interactively in post Pandemic world, we assist our clients in going global. From operating in one territory or country to another such as UK based businesses to expand to UAE, Japan and Australia and reverse, we orient our clients to go global and go global fast. 


Considering the global issues, governmental priorities and regional challenges, we suggest Business Ideas and Suggestions for our clients to consider launching business.

Business Suggestions for launch during Covid Pandemic >>>


In the chosen market, we conduct Market Research that encompasses work out Market Size, Market Share, Customer behaviour, choices, preferences and trends, Competitors, Competition, and Competitiveness.    


Prudently Feasibility Report and Business Plans should be a starting point before businesses decide to embark upon investment or launching a venture. Our Business Plans are comprehensive covering Product, Services, Registration, Pricing, Marketing, Team, SWOT, PEST and more. They are visually attractive and are fit for the purpose.

Business Registration

Listing on Stock Exchanges to registration as a private limited company, we cover all. From any regulatory authority such as FCA, CQC, Ofstead to IATA, we assist you in applying. 


Coining strategies to raise revenue, curtail costs, save on spending and increasing cash flows. Due diligence.


Planning for foreseen and unforeseen scenarios before, during and after challenges that threaten business continuity, including an Exit strategy.  

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Business Plans for Instant Use

At Conus Consulting UK, we do not wait for our clients to approach us and suggest a business idea to prepare a Business Plan and supporting Financial Projections. Its completely unending market research that we continually conduct therefrom we conceive new Business Ideas and prepare Business Plans. To promote enterprise and entrepreneurship and play an active role in promoting business, Conus Consulting UK makes Business Plans and Financials available for Instant Use. Our clients may contact us for Business Plans for Instant Use.  

Entrepreneurship Award in Ilford

Entrepreneurs cherish taking risks. New inventive and innovative ideas start their journeys. Every untested Business Idea is engulfed by risks and challenges which Entrepreneurs are ready to take and face. And then came the Pandemic and Lockdown. Daring. Defiant. Entrepreneurs had to conceive, craft and coin new strategies and solutions to steer themselves through. Entrepreneurs in Ilford, East London, UK have many inspiring and reinvigorating stories to tell. Conus Consulting UK in appreciation of their capacity to strategise during this Pandemic and Lockdown, have announced a Business Award to a selected Entrepreneur. A further announcement will be made in these pages soon.  

Business to launch during Covid Pandemic

Business is as usual. Launch your business even during the pandemic by ring-fencing from the threats to which it may be exposed to. Every business comes with its own set of threats and challenges which increase during a situation like a pandemic. Success is to identify possible threats and to suitably mitigate them. Extensive market research, analysis of possible competition, business contingency & continuity planning, exit strategy, risk matrix, swot, and right business modelling are the starting points for consideration. Invest less and work from home are the two key attributes of the business to launch during a pandemic. Consider business suggestions like ... >>>

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