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Accounting and Business & Management Consulting services are person-based and clients expect professionals to be efficient in understanding their requirements and suggest workable solutions. Some clients expect a bit more. They consider their success to be dependent upon an  accountant and/or a business and management consultant to help them take a step further  and a step higher. This is possible only if Accountants and Business & Management Consultants offer knowledge-driven services by conceiving and coining the right combination of services for each client every time.  Challenges clients face are manifold and growing complex. Delivery of excellent service to every client every time is possible only if Accountants and Business & Management Consultants are knowledge-driven and ready to play an active role locally, nationally and internationally.    


Global challenges are evolving that directly challenge and threaten businesses. Accountants and Business & Management Consultants if offering professional services should know that their clients are impliedly depending upon them to help them guide, advise and help in business launch, survival, growth and expansion. These clients are the backbone of any economy, may it be developed, developing or under-developed. Accountants and Business & Management Consultants owe a greater contribution to the ultimate development of the economy in which they operate. Probably the state of an economy is a reflection of how the professional Accountants and Business & Management Consultants of that economy are performing.  To proactively understand the need of their clients, and conceive and coin a fit-for-the-purpose service, every accountant and business & management consultant have to be knowledge-driven efficient. 

Our Agenda

Association of Accountants and Consultants International aims to work around the challenges that economies face and: 

  • act as a source of knowledge for Accountants and Business & Management Consultants globally

  • conceive new professional services for professional Accountants and Business & Management Consultants

  • coin cross-country and cross-expertise collaboration among Accountants and Business & Management Consultants

  • build capacity and expertise of Accountants and Business & Management Consultants

  • trigger a profession-wide dialogue to visualise the right future of the profession

  • promote best practices in the profession 

Our Strategy

Accountants and Business & Management Consultants based in any country and operating in any economy can professionally benefit by knowledge that we provide here. Our collection will cover studies, reports, papers, articles and other set of information from reliable sources. Moreover, we will collect insights into the cases and investigations against Accountants and Business & Management Consultants carried out by any regulatory authority or court of law in any country to benefit others on the matters of caution, concern and challenges.  



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